FREE Brazilan Zouk Advisory

FREE Brazilian Zouk Advisory

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  • Are you NEW to Brazilian Zouk but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you recently started and unsure what international Brazilian Zouk event to choose from?
  • Do you want to know what’s the best way to accelerate learning and progress quickly?

Everyone is different and there are no one-size-fits-all!

Hoi now offers FREE voluntary advisory for traveling & learning Brazilian Zouk!

Having spent over 8+ years traveling & learning Brazilian Zouk mostly around Europe from international World top artists and traveled as far as Thailand to dance. Of course, there is much more in this World for him to explore!

Hoi actively contributes to the Brazilian Zouk community in many ways; as a blog writer, dance student-4-life, Zoukable music lover, teacher/coach/mentor, event organiser (ChillZouk & ZoukDanceCamp), IT geek & making useful sh*t, entrepreneur & visionary, he has an abundance of knowledge & joy that he passionately loves to share!

Click/Tap the “FREE Zouk Advisory!” chatbox now to discuss with Hoi about your learning goals or anything related to Brazilian Zouk!

Had A Distressful Experience or Incident?

Have you experienced something distressful at a Brazilian Zouk event and feel like you have no one to talk to?

We’re currently building a team of kind volunteers from all around the world who you can warmly and trustingly reach out to talk to. All conversions will be kept strictly confidential between you and the volunteer should they wish to accept to listen. ZoukBase is not responsible and does not hold any data or history of the conversations that may take place.

You will find our volunteers are passionate and well-respected individuals in our Brazilian Zouk community. They each collectively have strong relationships with the many other community leaders, organisers, and teachers around the world.

For clarity, our volunteers do not and can not provide any legal advice or court actions. It is a very complex matter which isn’t something we have the resource or fundings to help you with. The purpose of this platform is for you to have someone you can talk to if you ever feel the need for someone to listen.

We do suggest chatting to a volunteer from your nearest region so they are closer to your timezone, but it’s also okay if you are most comfortable chatting with any particular volunteer.

(Feature coming soon)

5 Facebook Groups To Join!

Important: When you join the groups, please read their group’s description for their policy!

International Brazilian Zouk Events

This is where you’ll find all the latest events for traveling dancers!

Anything Brazilian Zouk Related

A very active community group, join us and share all your love for Brazilian Zouk here with other enthusiasts! Share your thoughts, blogs, videos, music, etc!

Online Brazilian Zouk Classes

A group that consolidates all Brazilian Zouk online videos into one group.

Resale Unwanted Zouk Event Tickets

This group is for participants of a Brazilian Zouk event to resell their unwanted tickets. It is not for organisers or promoters to sell their tickets.

Online DJ Zoukables – Share Music, Live Streams (Group by Winston)

Enjoy the latest Zoukable music, live streams, videos, online classes and zouk parties in the comfort of your home. 

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