The Biggest Brazilian Zouk Giveaway in History

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For the next 10 months starting 1st May 2020 12:00 UTC, we will be giving away amazing prizes (aka sweepstake campaigns) every month. Each campaign has 1 main prize.

That’s a total of 9 giveaway campaigns comprising of;

  1. 5 Grand Prizes (5 x 9 Days with Anderson & Brenda),
  2. 5 Large Prizes ( 5 x 4 Days at ChillZouk),
  3. and FREE Brazilian Zouk Vinyl Stickers for Everyone (LIMITED EDITIONS)!

Total Prize Worth €14,000.00!

See the table structure above for all prizes and scheduling details.

It’s very simple, you increase your chances by completing more action items. You are in control, it’s optional so you don’t need to complete every action and choose what you’re comfortable with.

Each completed action item gives you a number of entries. The more you help us, the more entries you accumulate and more chance of winning, it’s that simple!

It’s FREE to Enter and Winners are drawn RANDOMLY!

It’s like a lottery (but free), each entry is a lottery line. The more lottery lines you have, the more chances you have! So even if you do a few actions, you still have chances to win.

IMPORTANT: All action entries will be reviewed and checked for validation. Once entries are submitted, they can not be edited.

Please make sure you read the Terms & Condition for entering the giveaway draw at the very bottom of this page.

Best of luck to you all! Please also keep reading below to understand why we are doing this 🙂 We would really appreciate that and hope you are here to help us and not just to win something because there are prizes at stake.



Domi&Hoi Team would like to thank you, everyone, who works in healthcare from around the world for everything you’ve done. The long hours you’ve worked and the risks you take every day. With our hands on our hearts, we express great gratitude and would like to give you this special discount for the next 3 years. Thank you ❤️

Heroes against COVID-19

All ZoukDanceCamp and ChillZouk events in 2020-2022 for Hospital Staffs (Doctors/Nurses/Paramedics/Other Frontline Workers)
T&C; only one offer can be applied per event.

To apply for this discount, please email [email protected]



Coronavirus has taught us a lot, about society, about money, about our economy, about the government, about people, and about our Brazilian Zouk dance community and why we love it so much.

Brazilian Zouk is special because it attracts a particular group of people. The support that’s been given, sincerity, caring, patience, and social intelligence is beyond phenomenal.

We will and can get through this together. Our community has never been closer and the strength we’ve exerted has shown how strong we are together.

All this negative news of the Novel Coronavirus aka COVID-19 from the media coverage, social media sharing, and government announcements has reminded us of some important feelings… Gratefulness.

This opportunity presented us with a time stop. To stop rushing around, stop commuting to work, stop thinking about what we need to do, stop what we want to do, and just STOP. What a perfect opportunity for us all to reflect on our lives, our jobs, our career, our relationships, and ourselves… What is important to each of us and what isn’t.

Domi&Hoi Team is grateful. We are surrounded by such an amazing team of volunteers who inspire each other to create something that is so filled with love and soul and invite the world to it.

We took this opportunity of time stopping and had lots of thoughts and feelings about life and everything around before us… We watched how our community is holding strong to support each other. Our teachers, our event organisers to overcome this pandemic crisis, how it brought us all so much closer together despite the social distancing. We’re not sure why they chose to call it social distancing, it’s more physical distancing because we feel even closer to you all through this experience.

Dance is more than just a hobby, a sport, or a passion… It’s part of who we are and something that can not be taken away. The self-isolation and closing of borders are only temporary but we will meet again on the dance floor.

The first hug and embrace will feel like our first dance will fill us of all the dance memories before. The wait will be worth it because it will remind us how precious and short our lives are, be able to live, and dance again.

While we have time to sit here dreaming of dancing again, learning online, keep preparing ourselves to be the best we can be until we meet again on the dance floor.

Domi&Hoi Team would like to give you something to look forward to and so we have come up with the idea of ‘The Biggest Brazilian Zouk Giveaway in History!’. This is going to be a challenging year for all of us and so to give hope, give support, give back to everyone who believes in us, we offer you the world’s most jaw-dropping prizes which is absolutely FREE for everyone to win.


Some of you may wonder why and how we’re able to offer so many amazing big prizes. We’ve actually thought to try something new and use our limited marketing budget to benefit the community. Rather than throwing thousands of $$$ paying for paid adverts and other traditional marketing methods which we did previous years, instead, we’ve taken that limited budget + a leap of faith and gave it to you.

Do you still want us to be able to give away amazing prizes? If yes, then please support us by sharing and inviting your friends. Thank you ❤️

By entering this giveaway, you’re helping and supporting us through these hard times by promoting and telling your Zouk dance friends who may not know about how much Domi&Hoi Team are part of this wonderful Brazilian Zouk dance community.

Our business is event-based which requires the physical gathering of dancers and we don’t plan or see our future in turning it into an online enterprise. So we decide to continue focussing on building future events with the downtime we have now.

When it’s safe for country borders to re-open, we are ensuring there is plenty of work lined up to get the economy going again. For people whose livelihoods depend and work at venues, hotels & hospitalities, for travel companies, for dance teachers, for DJs, and the list goes on!

All our friends know us to be transparent with what, how, and why we do what we do. Like many businesses and personally, we had to write off many losses and have to face the challenges by being creative on how to get through this. 

We are here asking for your help, but at the same time we will appreciate your continuous help, support, and time, and to give you something back in return.

Domi&Hoi team members volunteer their time to help us create and build something for you. They are not getting paid to do this, and so they will also have the same opportunity to win these prizes with the same equal rules as everyone else. The draw is random using a very sophisticated drawing system based on the number of entries which ensures fairness.

We will draw and announce the winner LIVE VIDEO on our ZoukBase Facebook page.

If you already have a paid spot at our events, please also enter this giveaway and if you win, we’ll make an exception and transfer your prize to our next event.

Even if you do not win these big prizes, everyone will get something cool. We have designed and prepared tens of thousands of FREE BRAZILIAN ZOUK STICKERS that we’re giving away to you. Once it’s safe for all of us, Domi&Hoi Team will be bringing these to events and placing them out. If you see these stickers, please help yourself and grab a few for your friends too. (trust me, grab them because you’ll need it! ssshh…)

Please help us through this by simply supporting us by SHARING this post, SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter, LIKE our Facebook Pages, FOLLOW our Instagrams and YouTube channel. There will be more awesome events and giveaways to come!

We will be announcing the winners on our social media so keep an eye out! Please note, if the winner does not claim by responding to our EMAIL and MESSAGES on Facebook or Instagram within 14 days, then we’ll have to re-draw!

Now… Let’s win something! Click below to go to our giveaway page which will explain how to enter our giveaway draws!



All ZoukDanceCamp and ChillZouk prize spots include all-inclusive accommodation, meals, drinks, more! Travel costs are NOT included. e.g. flights, visas, other transport.

T&C applies; 

  1. FREE to enter.
  2. You must be aged 18+ to enter.
  3. You enter the random draw by completing actions.
  4. The prizes are €14,000.00 worth of Brazilian Zouk prizes.
  5. Each prize draw has a 1st prize (spot at ZoukDanceCamp), 2nd place (spot at ChillZouk), and FREE Brazilian Zouk stickers for everyone.
  6. Winners are drawn RANDOMLY every 2 months.
  7. All action entries will be reviewed and checked for validation. Once entries are submitted, they can not be edited.
  8. One person can win a maximum of one ZoukDanceCamp and one ChillZouk prize spot. 
  9. Duplicate accounts to enter the giveaway are NOT allowed. Such behavior means immediate disqualification and permanent ban from all future giveaway campaigns.
  10. Signing up with fake email addresses and fake social media accounts will have all entries immediately invalidated.
  11. Winners would still be subject to the pre-requisite requirements for ZoukDanceCamp. 
  12. If you do not pass the pre-requisites, we do not allow you to transfer to a different chapter, but you can transfer it to the next same chapter until you have obtained the required experience. 
  13. Prizes do not hold any real monetary value, and can not be resold or transferred to another person and can not be exchanged for money. 
  14. ChillZouk prizes for a specific year event can not be transferred to another year.
  15. If you already have a paid spot at our events, we’ll make an exception and transfer your prize to our next event.
  16. Winning a prize does not mean entitlement, Domi&Hoi Team will always try to honor our words and promises, however, we still reserve the right to decline or refuse or even redraw the prize winner. This is our “Please don’t be a dick clause”.
  17. Please make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter, LIKE our Facebook Pages, FOLLOW our Instagrams, and YouTube channel because we will announce the winner there! 
  18. If the winner does not claim by responding to our messages by Email, Facebook, or Instagram within 14 days, then we’ll re-draw!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.

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