List of Brazilian Zouk Dance Camps & Boot Camps 2020

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Brazilian Zouk dance camps and boot camps is the new era and are essential learning tools and asset contributing to the healthy growth of our beloved Brazilian Zouk dance community. They offer a controlled environment with a smaller number of students, teacher’s attention, progressive learning, learning structure and more; all of which help deliver a more in-depth, higher quality and effective personal dance development.

If you’ve not read my older blog posts comparing the different types of learning environments, check it out!

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2019 has been one amazing year when it comes to Brazilian Zouk dance camps and boot camps which are week-long structured programmes to deep dive and help accelerate your learning & development!

2020 is going to be BIG! It’s going to be even better and we have created this list of Zouk dance camps and boot camps below so you are aware of them all! Their event links may not have their full information published quite yet but I do suggest bookmarking this page for revisiting again.

Please note that I’ve only included events that focus around Brazilian Zouk, are at least 5 days long with a progressive programme structure and limited number of spots!

Which one(s) will you join next year? Start planning!

[Subject to changes and updates]


Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, most of these dance camps got postponed or canceled.

  • 21-29 January 2020 in Rio, Brazil [8 Days, 7 Nights]

Zouk Needs Your In Rio” is a Brazilian Zouk’s intensive course following the methodology of Val & Vanessa, with extra classes with guests, for all levels of dancers.

The ZNY Bootcamp is focused on creating body awareness, developing the Zouk technique, awakening senses/musicality and, above all, encourage and strengthen the Zouk community in Brazil and around the world. Come, experience the fun, energized and interactive workshop with your very own ZNY family!

Our Bootcamp is based on Zouk Needs You methodology and it has been developed not only in Brazil but also in different cities around the world, like Berlin (Germany) and Cheboksary (Russia).


  • 13-17 March 2020 in Calgary, Canada [5 Days 4 Nights]

This is the Bruno and Raiza Level 1 Immersion Course which was originally crafted together with Lauren Valdés Santurio from Stockholm, Sweden.

See further below ‘Sweden | Original Bruno and Raiza Level 1 Immersion Course’ for course description.

It consists of level 1,2,3 and teachers course. They released their level 1 course for the first time in Stockholm in 2019. After attending this life-changing course, Jane Lee really wanted to share the knowledge with my fellow North American friends.

Come join me to work with Bruno and Raiza to learn their methodology and understand their dance fundamentals that apply so flawlessly to Zouk.

We will have 25 hours of class and 5 hours of practice time with Bruno and Raiza supervision over FIVE DAYS. There will be separate practice times as you will want to put this information into the body ASAP. (Trust me you will want to be practicing!)

There will be one party at the end to wrap up the course and receive certification cards.


  • 3-8 March 2020 in Berlin, Germany [6 Days 5 Nights]

This is another one of the Bruno and Raiza Level 1 Immersion Course which was originally crafted together with Lauren Valdés Santurio from Stockholm, Sweden.

See further below ‘Sweden | Original Bruno and Raiza Level 1 Immersion Course’ for course description.

As the training will be very intense: over the 5 days, the course will offer high-level workshops twice a day, followed by a time-slot to practice with guidance. This will give trainees time to ask questions, practice amongst themselves, and to pause before taking in any further information. The schedule is created to give the time and space for students to really apply the techniques and concepts offered, with the help from the artists themselves. 

The final night will end with a farewell social, followed by a wonderful brunch on Sunday prepared by yours truly 😉 

In the end, students will receive a Certificate given by Bruno and Raiza, allowing them to proceed to the next Course made available either in Berlin, or elsewhere. The artists are offering 3 levels (or steps) to this Improvement Course, taking students to a ‘Trainee’ level, giving them an opportunity to then attend the ‘B&R Improvement Course – For Teachers’.


  • 2-7 April 2020 in Bali, Indonesia [6 Days 5 Nights]

Set on the beautiful and spiritual island of Bali. Come recharge your soul and your Zouk in this magical place.

5 days of workshops, socials and parties with a wonderful line up of international artists; Arthur & Layssa, Leo & Becky and DJ Kakah.

Day by day you’ll be learning through a series of progressive workshops, in intimate class sizes, designed by our amazing international artists.

Everyday you’ll have the opportunity to dance at dance practices, socials and dance parties in some of the hottest spaces in Ubud.

There’ll also be an opportunity for sightseeing and down time to check out the area or just get a nice relaxing massage.


  • 9-16 May 2020 in Lurcy-Lévis, France, Germany [8 Days 7 Nights]

A Zouk dance camp held at a huge luxury château with intensive courses from world famous teachers Xandy Liberato, Alex de Carvalho and Mathilde dos Santos.

Who would have imagined training Zouk in a castle?! Anthonia & Jonny Driscoll is seriously taking learning to another level while offering a new type of experience! You’ll be training in the grand ballroom with world famous teachers and with limited spots, meaning you’ll get the attention you need to grow and develop.

There are more than just learning Zouk, but combining with an unforgettable grandios experience. The castle also has spa facilities to relax, outdoor pool set to a warm temperature of 26 degrees which opens all day and night.  Feel like tennis, cycling or going for a walk around the 23 hectors of forest? Maybe a visit to the gym facilities and games room! Yes, all these are available at the castle!


  • 13-18 May 2020 in Dobrovolya, Belarus [6 Days 5 Nights]

Russia’s Zouk Non-Stop (ZNS) and Europe’s ZoukDanceCamp (ZDC) team are combining forces to create an incredible Zouk training retreat for passionate learners!

Anderson & Brenda and a unique blindfolded workshop ‘In the Dark’ is waiting for you!


  • 21-25 May 2020 in Trypillya, Ukraine [5 Days 4 Nights]

Our topic for the exploration will be: Safe Intimacy and Touch.

🌿 How can This retreat make you a better dancer? 

In this retreat, we will give you methods to liberate your way of dancing. Release your body conditioning, default and free up your movements, strengthen your body perception, connect with your creativity and let go of the overthinking.

This course is mainly for Brazilian zouk dancers but works well for many other dances.

Non-dancers, and people not familiar with Brazilian zouk who are interested in the benefits of this course – should consult with the organizer of the retreat.

We will travel through a selection of exercises & meditations. These methods will help us to better understand and accept oneself. We will learn to appreciate the present moment in the dance, to appreciate and love your partner and yourself. We will learn how to easily connect with each other. Exercises will awake greater sensitivity and relaxation in your body and dance.

Our dancing practices will focus on Brazilian Zouk, mainly;

Note that this weekend can help for all the dances which are using connection between partners (Blues, Kizomba, Bachata, Tango, WCS…), Zouk is however particularly suitable for maximum benefits.

This course will be given in English. With possible translations to other languages if necessary.


  • 6-10 June 2020 in Helsinki, Finland [5 Days 4 Nights]

The first time with special guests: Val & Vanessa and Dj Kakah!

Boost your knowledge and understanding about the concepts, rules, techniques and etc, in Brazilian Zouk.

This is a unique opportunity to learn and/or polish your dance with the creators of the Fundamentals Courses, a teaching methodology that has been exported and used by other professionals around the world due to its format functionality and results.

Freddy & Andressa are known worldwide by their precision with technique and clear teaching in Brazilian Zouk, as well as, by their love for the dance foundation!

This course is designed specially for those who lead a scene without professional supervision in their cities, the ones interested in growing the knowledge about concepts and techniques, the ones aiming to become future teachers, advanced and intermediate dancers interested only in becoming better dancers as well and etc…

Joining the Immersion Program, you will have access to a lot of content about dance technique in general, plus everything related and applied to Brazilian Zouk, mainly the Zouk Tradicional from Rio de Janeiro (Rio Zouk).

Don’t miss this special week, become a #badassbasic with a #badassembrace and improve your skills, learn how to give proper guidance to your own scene, train correctly avoiding to create bad habits, injuries and so much more!


  • 11-17 June 2020 in Laugarvatn, Arnessysla, Iceland [7 Days 6 Nights]

Have you been to Iceland yet? If no, it should be on top of your bucket list, especially now that zouk is finding it’s home in this beautiful country.


This pure and powerful nature temple high up in the north on our globe is ideally suited for connecting with the wild elements of nature and beauty, spiritual journeying and remembering deep essential truths about life’s mysteries and one’s inner self. The whole island is vibrating with primal energies, and elemental beings are alive in myths, stories and nature.


We have 5 days of classes and dancing with 4 world class teachers and day tours to some of the most magical places of Southern Iceland. Think waterfalls, endless rainbows, soaking in hot springs, glaciers, geysers, volcanos, plush mossy lava fields and more – all in the company of kindred spirits and lots of dancing in between.


We have a fun and exciting program for you, exploring nature’s elements in our bodies – Water, Ether/Wood, Fire, Earth, Air – and how they can be channeled in dance. Called the land of Fire and Ice, Iceland has a rich elemental palate for us to draw from. In other words, we are going to explore Zouk Elements… in the Elements!

We will also play with Archetypes, drawing on inspiration from Iceland’s rich mythology, drawing on the essence of the Masculine and Feminine archetypes and how they relate to partner dancing. Embodying your inner Thor or Freya may be surprisingly powerful and liberating. And of course all sorts of mythical creatures – elementals, dragons, native trolls, giants and fairies – are going to join the party – yay!


  • 26 June-5 July 2020 in Andrychów, Poland [10 Days 9 Nights]

Grounding‘… This is the main topic of Chapter 1 of the ZoukDanceCamp Series with Anderson & Brenda.

Do you want to know more about it? Read below from Anderson and Brenda and learn about what they want to give to you during these days.

“Zouk, when we started to learn in Brazil, was a dance with a lot of African and ground characteristics. The movement came from the ground, boil on the hips and explode in the head in Lambada… After traveling the world, Zouk changed a lot, and this is an aspect that we miss the most when we remember the roots of this dance. Today, this is the aspect that we feel people need the most since Zouk can have a very airy and water flow, it’s very common that people feel unbalanced with the lack of grounding.

In the way we teach, we like to build the dance from toe-to-head, so grounding is where everything will start. Not only about the understanding of the skeleton and the stacking bones, posture, muscle tone, and how to step in a way that feels more balanced, efficient and pleasurable, but also about grounding yourself with confidence, self-power, decision and pleasure to live in your own body.

Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, and Tango helped us so much on building our connection from grounding to frame, so we will use them to practice exercises applying our technique into it and connect it to Zouk. We will use Eutonia (a form of physical practice) to increase sensitivity on feet, ankles, knees, hips, and posture to use gravity for a relaxed balance. Another big influence of hips and enjoyment of lower body in Brazil was Axe, a local popular solo dance that helps to have ground, fun, and flow on hips movements, so we will also bring that to help your grounding.

Lots of lateral, traveling steps, hip movements, turns and lead and follow challenges will be used to apply to grounding in your Zouk. And we hope that with this development, we will be able to also challenge you with changing dynamics and speed being fast and slow together with your partner with the less tension you can. Remember all the series we gonna go through all the 4 basic principles: Grounding, Lead and Follow, Flow and Building. But this one will be the base for all of them.”


  • 1-5 July 2020 in Paris, France [ 5 Days, 4 Nights]

MAC Summary is for everyone who didn’t attend the modules before, and for everyone who did and wish to reinforce what was learned.

An outstanding opportunity to improve your knowledge of Alex de Carvalho’s Teaching Method!


  • 5-12 July 2020 in Slovakia [8 Days 7 Nights]

Val and Vanessa are known for teaching Brazilian Zouk in a very organic and funny way, and for making the complicated Zouk moves very easy to understand!

Dive deep into zouk with this 30 hours Bootcamp with Val and Vanessa in a small group of 40 participants. 

ZNY or Zouk Needs You is a methodology Val and Vanessa have developed to teach Brazilian zouk in a way that is very natural to our bodies. It has been used in zouk scenes in Brazil, some European countries, Russia and the USA. Val and Vanessa organize their ZNY course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in January and this is the European edition of it. 

During the course, they progressively cover different topics from fundamentals to more difficult techniques used in Brazilian zouk. The content they teach varies every year based on the needs of the Zouk scene and those of the group. That is why many people come back to attend their courses over and over again and every time they leave with new knowledge. 

During the course, you will not only be given a lot of information, but Val and Vanessa are really good at giving a variety of exercises that will help you get the information from your mind to your body, which is quite often the most difficult part of the learning process. And if the time during the 30 hours isn’t enough for you and you wish to practice even more, you can do that during socials at night. 

This course isn’t suitable for complete beginners, but whether you are somewhere at the beginning of your zouk journey or trying to master this beautiful art, teaching it or aspiring to do so, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you transform your dancing. 

Thanks to its small size and everything happening under one roof, the ZNY Bootcamp in Slovakia offers you a great opportunity to work hard on your Zouk while feeling like part of the ZNY family.


  • 1-5 August 2020 [5 Days 4 Nights] – Part I Brazilian Zouk
  • 6-9 August 2020 [4 Days 3 Nights] – Part II LambaZouk
  • 15-19 August 2020 [5 Days 4 Nights] – Part III Modern Zouk Styles
  • 20-23 August 2020 [4 Days 3 Nights] – Part IV Brazilian Zouk /w Gui Prada

Ludek & Pavla are the creators of the successful Brno Zouktime events & community with over 10 years of Brazilian Zouk teaching experience. LPM are known for their in-depth knowledge of dance and technique applications!

The last few years they have ran very successful dance camps in Brno, and this year 2020 have expanded it even more to give you a much stronger learning platform to master the basic dance fundamentals/foundations.

LPM have created this 4 blocks of dance camps, each will unlock different energies and techniques that will boost your dance to a completely different level!

Start planning now or pick them all!

🔗 VISIT EVENT PAGE – BIZC Part I Brazilian Zouk


🔗 VISIT EVENT PAGE – BIZC Part III Modern Zouk Styles

🔗 VISIT EVENT PAGE – BIZC IV Brazilian Zouk /w Gui Prada

  • 1-5 August 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden [5 days 4 Nights]

Level 1 is the first level of a 3 part course. This course is great for teachers, or those who are considering teaching in the future, and those who really want to have things to take home to work on.

Bruno and Raiza’s methodology is comparable to language learning. First, we must be able to make the sounds, which would equate to body control and awareness and singular movements. Once we are able to do this then we can learn the words, which would be our Zouk fundamentals: basic step, viradinha, simple turn, etc, and finally, after this, we can build sentences, which would be variations of all the basic movements and the ability to combine them.

On each level, we will work with all 3 concepts, but level 1 is predominantly learning our sounds and words. Their unique pedagogy, which was developed on Braiza Island (it’s absolutely a real place!) offers new insight into how to view and break down each movement, very useful for those interested in teaching as well as those interested in understanding why we do each movement the way we do it.

Your participation of each level will be registered with Bruno and Raiza and listed on their database, and once you have completed levels 1-3 participants will have the opportunity to continue with teacher training and be listed as a teacher on Bruno and Raiza’s website.


  • 8-12 August 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden [5 days 4 Nights]

Level 2 of a 3 part course which starts right after the level 1 week. To join this level 2 course, you will be required to have completed level 1 with Bruno and Raiza whether the week before or previously. 

On each level, we will work with all 3 concepts, but on level 2 we can start to work more with our words and sentences.

See above ‘Original Bruno and Raiza Level 1 Immersion Course’ for a summary of what to expect and the concept!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”i”] VISIT EVENT PAGE


  • 9-18 October 2020 in Andrychów, Poland [10 Days 9 Nights]

Due to the high demand for this ZoukDanceCamp, this is a second (repeated) Chapter 1 [Grounding] to help dancers build a strong base in #Brendason-Technique. It was originally supposed to be the Chapter 2 [Lead & Follow] but this been pushed back to Feb 2021 instead to make room for more dancers to build a strong dance foundation.

See the above 26 Jun – 5 Jul  dance camp for the ‘Chapter 1 Grounding’ summary.

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Not on this list? Please contact Hoi!

Please do not contact me if your boot camp is less than 5 days long and without a progressive programme structure!

If you prefer shorter Zouk dance camps or boot camps, there are actually many short weekenders which you can find here in the Zouk Calendar European Events!

Know friends who’d be interested? Please S H A R E this blog post with them!

Hoi x

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