What To Practice in Zouk Solo

What To Practice in Zouk Solo

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Now that you understand the 7 Great Reasons To Practice Zouk Solo, let’s look at what you should practice in Brazilian Zouk solo.

Have a look at the ‘Zouk Solo Practice Pyramid’ illustration below. This will give you a visual understanding of how much time I usually spend on different areas of my body during a solo practice session.

I build my dance from the bottom up, but I’ve seen many dancers and teachers who would build from the top down or just random. I don’t understand the reason for this but always open to listen and know about the logic behind?

It’s easy to remember which sections are more important to spend time on by breaking your practices into 4 body sections starting from the ground upwards as illustrated;

(Spending the most time on body sections 1 and less time as you increment up to 4)

  1. Footwork and Knees including overall balance/axis/weight shift.
  2. Hips, Waist, Abdominal & Lower Spine.
  3. Chest, Shoulders, Upper Spine, Arms & Hands.
  4. Head & Neck.

IMPORTANT: The reason I’ve illustrated this as a pyramid is because you need to understand that each section of your body needs to be developed enough to support all the above sections otherwise it would affect how well you can dance and safely without the toppling effect. Having a strong base is important, starting from the bottom.

If you are unsure how you should work on each section, please consult your dance teachers (they would likely offer this as a private class).

I will soon release a very important blog that follows on from this called ‘The Key To Effective Zouk Practice’ which will show you how to use the Solo Practice Pyramid effectively, so keep an eye out.

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