7 Great Reasons To Practice Zouk Solo

7 Great Reasons To Practice Zouk Solo

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Though leading and following are essential skills, it is often over-emphasized as the only skills you need to develop to be a great social dancer.

I’m a great believer that social dancing should be danced together, hence why the skills to lead and dance at the same time are essential to be a great leader. The same reason why a great follow can dance and follow at the same time without disrupting the flow.

One thing I’ve noticed about most leads and some follows are how stiff and boring they look even after years of dancing Brazilian Zouk. Most leads would let the ladies do all the dancing while they just “lead”.

Teaching your body to dance is something that can easily be learned by practicing Brazilian Zouk by yourself and what I am referring to as Zouk Solo.

Here Are 7 Great Reasons Why You Should Practice Zouk Solo

  1. It’s the first step to improving how to dance and later add it to your leading or following skills so you would no longer be stiff and dance like a stick is up your ass.
  2. It helps you understand your whole body, which also means you are able to understand how your partner’s bodywork. This is important for leads as it will allow you to improve your lead while keeping it safe for your partner.
  3. Improves control of your whole body and gain the ability to dance with individual parts of your body musically (Body Isolations).
  4. Become more supple and increases your range of motions.
  5. Allows you to focus on smoothing your own body and movement flow without the distraction of a dance partner.
  6. Improve your dance visualisation, creativity and improvisation skills.
  7. Improve your balance and ability to support your own weight when dancing.

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